Casa Balat

2020 August 4

Casa Balat, a historic country house, among Unesco World Heritage Sites, Baroque treasures, Greek theaters and Byzantine “holy men”. Near Castelluccio, the oldest prehistoric human settlement recognized by scholars Paolo Orsi and Bernabò Brea, which gave its name to an entire civilization that spread to south-eastern Sicily during the Bronze Age, which two brothers decided to restore. The building has undergone works of redevelopment and restoration, paying particular attention to the structural aspect, through seismic efficiency works to improve the static nature of the structure. In addition, all the technological systems, both main and secondary, a geothermal plant have been included, and roofs and roofing have been built from scratch, for the purpose of improving energy efficiency. As for internal distribution, the property, developed on one level, is divided into: four bedrooms; a kitchen; a common space (dedicated to sharing and socializing); four bathrooms and an outdoor veranda overlooking the swimming pool.


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