Luxury villa with pool in Sicily Accommodation housed in a renovated historic building in Sicily High end villa in Sicily. Interior with Villa di prestigio in Sicilia, steel and glass staircase Residential complex in the sicilian countryside A hall in the Villa Politi Hotel in Syracuse with a large central table SPA with stone floors and mosaic inlays Industrial building with precast concrete structure Industrial and Commercial buildings: meeting room Industrial building in Sicily with storage silos Residential complex surrounded by greenery, in the province of Ragusa Main façade of Villa Politi Hotel in Syracuse Convent of the Jesuits in Noto (Syracuse), Sicily

Experience in civil buildings

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HSH Ltd is known today as one of the most important entrepreneurial realities in Sicily which signs all its projects with reliability, quality and proficiency. It was founded on a solid family tradition which goes back to 1945, when the current administrator’s grandfather started his restoration company. HSH offers solidity and financial guarantees to its clients.

It develops all its activities with its own staff, using all the expertises (scientific, technical, historical and architectural) at its best. These represent the real eccellence of a small company but with an established quality!

The range of its accomplishments is very large and proves the variety of the members of the company, all rooted in the wake of a long experience and able to accomplish even the most elaborated projects. The growth of the company over the years has been constant.

HSH has managed to increase the volume of work and its turnover, while satisfying its customers and their needs as a priority. It has never renounced to primal criteria like helpfulness, professionality and prompt response.

The construction sector

Thanks to the expertise of its staff, HSH can cope today with the timeliness and professionalism of any kind of work. It is evidenced by its recent participations in important works. Since its foundation, its philosophy has been to create a training course of growth, which would encourage the workers’ empowerment, in order to let them acquire an increasing level of specialization.

Excellence in the materials used, in the finishings and in punctuality.

Residential complexes

Excellence in the materials used, in the finishings and in punctuality makes HSH successful in the construction of residential complexes by using the most innovative products and the most modern construction techniques, with particular attention to the comfort of the people. Its works range from middle-class houses to flats of various typologies. The space functional design of the rooms, terraces and appliances, garages and parking spaces, make the residential projects by HSH suitable for a wide range of buyers.

Renovations in a workmanlike manner, in compliance with existing and traditional construction methods.


Renovations in a workmanlike manner, in compliance with existing and traditional construction methods.
Many years’ experience in working on historic buildings recognized by a cultural, artistic and historic value, allow HSH to perform strengthening with special mortars and traditional materials. Additionally, it guarantees the recovery of vaults, arches and door frames, paying attention to seamless integration with the existing ones. HSH also operates in the domain of refurbishing residential, industrial and modern buildings.

Stone Restorations

Supported by a seventy-year’s experience developed in the field, HSH is able to perform stone restorations with special interventions of micro sandblasting, cleaning and consolidation. Relying on its own technicians, HSH schedules preliminary tests before starting the work, in order to prevent various kinds of technical problems and ensure the pristine beauty of the monument. Each type of intervention performed in agreement with the requirements of the regional superintendence of the architectural heritage.

Buildings consolidations

Building Consolidation

HSH is able to deal with all aspects relating consolidation, from seismic strengthening to interventions on wood covering. Specifically, it deals with consolidation of masonry of any type:
1) Reduction of the effects induced by rigid and heavy additions (reinforced concrete) that may compromise the integrity of the structures.
2) Localized reinforcements with materials that are compatible with the nature of the buildings.
3) Elimination of the causes of damage. No doubt, we’ll take care of your buildings!

Restoration of modern and historical buildings


With a seventy year’s tradition, HSH has always been a leader in the restoration of both modern and historical buildings, in order to meet the needs of any kind of structural maintenance of the civil and industrial buildings, inside and outside. HSH is able to perform renovations of reinforced concrete, caulking, thermal insulation of roofs and walls, restoration of balconies and terraces, flooring, finishing, plastering and all the necessary work to keep the perfect conditions of efficiency in a home or industrial warehouse. The quality of industrial and commercial building trade is guaranteed!

Industrial building trade

HSH has acquired the expertise and the skills needed to carry out structural works either in prefabricated or in reinforced concrete. It has also acquired the skills needed for the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, both for agricultural use and handicraft. HSH’s solutions are all turnkey, in compliance with the client’s requirements, in a functional mixture of efficiency, safety and pleasant appearance.

Infrastructures, roads and engineering works


For decades HSH has been working in the infrastructural sector, through the creation of reinforced-concrete complexes, commercial and corporate buildings, roads, primary and secondary urbanisation. Thanks to the valuable contribution of its team and experts, HSH has developed efficient techniques in recent years, including the construction of civil engineering works.

Quality and safety

HSH Ltd. is a highly specialized company, equipped with qualified staff and modern equipments, to meet any requirements in the construction field.

Sier Sicurezza

HSH has obtained the certification of quality according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, aware that its success is linked to the ability to satisfy its customers by offering them a quality service.
The above are the guidelines that define the requirements for the realization of a system of quality management, in order to lead to successful business processes, improving the effectiveness and efficiency in the realization of the product, develop a constant professional growth of its resources, obtain and increase the customer’s satisfaction, readily enjoy the services provided.

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The Soa certification was introduced in the system of tendering by the decree of the President of the Italian Republic N. 34/200.
The Soa certification is valid for five years and the evaluation is based on the last five years of activity of the enterprise. Particularly, it certifies the economic and technical capacity of an enterprise to qualify itself for the execution of public contracts. It also certifies that the enterprise has the legal requirements for the public procurement.

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Integrated Design

By choosing HSH you will get all the advantages of a cohesive and innovative team of professionals. We are able to give a quick answer to your needs and to solve all the issues with competence and professionalism. HSH will supply you with technicians, engineers and architects to get the best result without surprises.

  • Feasibility Studies

    HSH runs a pre-feasibility study for the construction and/or renovation of villas, houses, buildings, warehouses, buildings for industrial activity, sheds for farming or commercial shops, garages …
    Our goal is to combine the clients’ needs and preferences with their budget. We always opt for the best technical solutions in compliance with the zoning restrictions, the hygiene rules and functionality.

  • Handling Practices

    Dealing with the bureaucratic issues is one of the biggest obstacles and sources of stress for someone who wants to build a house. HSH finds the solution for this, too! We take care of all the necessary documentation, including the municipal authorisation, the building permit, the certificate of occupancy and habitability, the data sheets and the insurance coverage.

  • Structural and architectural design

    Since the beginning HSH has been taking care of the construction and recovery of civil and industrial buildings. For decades it has been specialising in building design, thanks to its network of designers, architects and engineers. It has enriched its offer with the competence and reliability that are necessary to answer all the demands of integrated and coordinated designs.

  • Technical and legal assistance

    Professionals who can assist and solve all the thematics linked to real estate law are also part of the HSH partners. Our clients can firmly rely on a team of professionals that will assist them with all the necessary advice.


HSH gives you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a cohesive and innovative team of professionals. We are able to meet your needs and to solve all the issues quickly, with competence and professionalism. Within HSH you will find technicians, engineers and architects to get the best results without surprises!