In search of the lost time among the farmhouses of the south-east

The deep green of the grasslands, the bright yellow of the wheat fields, the candid white of the dry stone walls in the countryside of south-east Sicily are all within the contrast of these colours.

Inhabited, experienced and educated by the mankind that, by supporting the natural timing of seasons, has shaped its original characters, managing to sow a rich heritage of culture and traditions, with a value equal to the baroque treasures of the historic centres. In this Sicilian landscape out of time “Home Sud Home” offers villas, rural homes and farmhouses.

Undoubtedly, it is still possible to live here in the simple but functional farm buildings of the Hyblaean mountains which were made with the same stone of the land in the past (even if they were its continuation), and now renovated with care and the maximum comfort.

Those places on the south-east corner of Sicily have an astonishing beauty. The territories of the provinces of Ragusa and Siracusa are separated by the valleys and the Hyblaean mountains. To discover and know these lands is a journey in search of the lost time which winds through a varied landscape, adorned with a regular network of dry stone walls. These are hand-made with incomparable mastery, fitting one stone upon another that was extracted from the fields and from the deep and wild limestone quarries that hide unexpected lakes and showcase lush vegetation and rich crops of fruit and vegetables.

Also, the gastronomy is characterised by the same uniqueness which takes the body and soul out of these lands. The genuine taste of the countryside can be found in the Hyblaean honey, which was known by the ancient Greeks and Romans as one of the best; in the olive oil, known as the green gold; in the wheat, which is the base ingredient for the countless and tasty bakery products of this area; in the almonds and carobs, that enrich the sophisticated local pastry; in the high quality milk and dairy products of protected origin.