• Sicily: history, art and nature the ideal site for a mediterranean villa
  • a thousands years old culture live in the historical towns in south east Sicily
  • a rich country the deep green of citrus, the countryside, the natural reserves
  • mediterranean lifestyle villas to live and love, with gardens, balconies and terraces
  • live in qualityall the cosiness of your villa in Sicily, with your own style
  • South East Sicily:
    your home in paradise

Home Sud Home: living in Sicily villas in Sicily, luxury houses, farmhouses

Yes, now you can! Have you seen the house of your dreams during a holiday in Sicily? With us you can turn it into your housing reality. Have you discovered a splendid farm or a historic farmhouse to be restored, while travelling among the beauty of Noto’s Valley? With us you can turn it into your new home as well as a safe investment opportunity. Have you fallen in love with this wonderful country while visiting some friends between the hills and the sea of south-east Sicily? With us you can find the right place to fulfil your idea of home. 
 Yes, now you can! “Home Sud Home” was born for this. Our services, our network, our decades of experience, our knowledge of the area, the variety of our solutions, the proven quality of our partners are available to those who want to buy, build or renovate a property in Sicily. With “Home Sud Home” you can now: live Sicily!

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THE VALUE OF A HOUSE FACING THE SEA OF SICILY home sud home builds and refurbishes luxury villas and houses in Sicily

The care we put into our job is for us a "trademark", recognized by all our customers. According to “Home Sud Home”, care is in the details, finish, choice of materials, solutions, highest attention to our customers’ demands and to those who want to live in unique houses, prestigious villas or valuable farmhouses. Our team is available to meet our customers» needs, who require customized and high quality solutions, to ensure the construction of charming houses: from design to construction, up to a finished work of unquestionable value. In the catalogue of our actions: the renovation of historic farmhouses already existing in the Sicilian territory, the construction of luxury villas, complete with all the amenities (swimming pools, gardens, parks …), the construction of accommodations for guests who choose this area for a stay of prestige, full of charm and elegance.

BUYING, BUILDING, RESTORING HOUSES IN TRANQUILLITY Home Sud Home is the trustable partner for villas and properties in Sicily

The right choice for an investment in Sicily

Relying on “Home Sud Home” is normal for those who want to have a property on the island of Sicily. The seriousness of our team ensures reliability, on time delivery, and in the prescribed manner. Our business service is really complete and we work alongside the customer in all phases of the project. We ensure the reception and guidance in the exploration, research and choice of land or building. We guarantee a constant advice for the implementation of the project, in order to provide all the answers to the buyer’s requirements. We provide a professional consultant service for the attainment and processing of any procedure - bureaucratic, administrative or notary - inherent to the project. We share with the buyer the development of the work: from the concept design and execution to the construction of the property, from the furniture planning (indoor and outdoor) to after-sale service and maintenance.


    “Home Sud Home” takes you to discover the beauty of south-east Sicily: from the countryside to the coasts, to the historic heritage of UNESCO. We give free hospitality and guide the client into the territory.


    Bureaucracy and administrative issues will not be your concern any longer Wight “Home Sud Home”. We will take care of the paperwork and the connections with private and public entities.


    “Home Sud Home” makes your dream home real and meets your needs. We ensure a continuous and transparent monitoring during the design and the implementation and control of its expenses.


    A “Home Sud Home” villa is not only a prestigious house, but it has also the advantage of being all inclusive, thanks to the creation and maintenance of swimming pools, gardens and terraces of Mediterranean taste.

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Villas with a sea view or along the sunny Sicilian coasts, farms immersed in the peacefulness of the highlands and valleys; ancient rural houses full of history in the green hills of the south-east; houses set in historic city centres and in neighbourhoods, rich in the charm of ancient culture: the range of home proposals that “Home Sud Home” offers is wide.
We have the answer for every desire. We have the solution for every request of investment. Living in old houses, building modern villas, renovating centre apartments is not a problem Wight “Home Sud Home“. This is the way to make a magical island, in the middle of the Mediterranean, at the crossroads of history and a melting pot of civilizations, your home.

THE TERRITORY South East Sicily is an ideal place to live, to build a house or renovate an existing one, on the seaside or in the countryside

Loved by the ancient gods, sung by modern and classical poets, narrated by the writers of then and now, part of Unesco»s world human heritage, this strip of land that falls from Siracusa to Portopalo (the last town of the southern part of Sicily) is - in the words of the Nobel Prize writer Pirandello - truly incomparable. Forged by an ancient culture, prosperous thanks to a generous nature, cherished by the mankind, the most southern part of southern Italy is the ideal place WHERE to put down roots and re-build a life (even if only for a period of vacation or rest). Among the countryside edged with dry stone walls (where land and pastures proudly offer their fruit) and pristine coastlines, where the borders of the sky and the sea overlap giving a mysterious blue so well portrayed by Piero Guccione; from Scicli»s light bricks to Modica»s stone living room, the capital of an unforgotten County; between the palaces of Ibla, celebrated by the Montalbano TV serials to the nature reserve of Vendicari; in the heart of Noto, the Baroque capital of the world, or in the Hellenic area of Siracusa, from the green hills full of carob and olive trees to the island of Ortigia, “Home Sud Home” invites you to choose your new home to build, to buy, to be restored. We are always available to fulfil the desire of those who want a custom home with a view over… Beauty.

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