Purchase assistance for buying houses in Sicily, briefing con i clienti Deep knowledge of the sicilian territory and consolidated know how The gorgeous lands of south est Sicily A Villa in Sicily by Home Sud Home is a solution conceived to satisfy all customers needs

Our mission
in the real estate

Something different from a real estate agency, a consulting firm, more than a construction company, “Home Sud Home” is all these together.
At least it is like this we’d like to think about and introduce our company. a team of professionals able to fulfil the dream of somebody who wants to live in Sicily.

Home Sud Home, reliability guaranteed

The others advice:
we guarantee!

Right here is our diversity: we put not just our signature on the work, but also the face. Using a wealth of experience, the right know-how, a certain amount of common sense. 
 Yes, warranty, a term that our customers have come to know over the years is our key word. It is proved by the feeling that more than a person has expressed: the feeling that he had never been left alone during the various stages of the work. What's more, many have said they feel "pampered", which is welcomed and accompanied by hand to the territory or to the showrooms of furniture, in municipal technical offices or to the workers. "Cuddles" that many buyers (mostly north Italians and foreigners, especially British) have shown to appreciate by also entrusting “Home Sud Home” to manage their home during their absence from the island. 
 Our Sicily island, now that it is back in fashion, is offered by “Home Sud Home” to those who enjoy here the right way to live it: in peace. Thanks to a project made in a workmanlike manner, according to the rules, customized and exclusive. That is to say that, with respect to the land and its planning rules, it must fit at its best the buyer’s character and taste, from the detailed choice of the soil where the villa is going to be built, to the solutions for the farm to be restored. Exclusiveness is not meant to be luxury, but made to fit the buyer, such as a tailored dress.