Sicily in the top ten of the 2020 destinations, for Forbes and the NY Times is among the most enchanting in the world

2020 January 9

Sicily enters the top 10 of the 2020 destinations, crowned by Forbes and the New York Times queen among the most enchanting tourist destinations in the world. Only behind Lake Powell with Antelope Canyon, located between Utah and Arizona in the United States of America, our Sicily is positioned at the second step of the podium in the list of the best destinations for 2020, drawn up by the Ovation Travel agency Group's on behalf of Forbes magazine and among the top 7 of 52 destinations to visit in 2020 for the New York Times. The largest Italian island boasts some of the most remarkable tourist sites in the world, including the legendary Valley of the Temples, in the province of Agrigento, where the ancient ruins of seven Doric temples stand out against a breathtaking frame of almond and olive trees. The Val di Noto, the cradle of the Castelluccio culture, represents the main expression of the Ancient Bronze Age in Sicily and Baroque architecture following the 1693 earthquake. It is framed by the spectacular largest canyon in Europe, Cava Grande del Cassibile famous for its karst potholes and clear lakes, Cava Carosello with its magnificent tanneries, in the Ancient Noto site of the largest ruins in Italy, dating back to year 1000 and some very fresh and luxuriant natural lakes, Cava Baulì in the Palazzolo Acreide area with prehistoric buildings dating back to the Bronze Age carved into the rock and called Ddieri (from the Arabic Addar = house). Among the most enchanting cities, Noto stands out, called "the stone garden" for its sumptuous buildings made with richly carved local golden stone, famous for its historic center where you can admire one of the most elegant outcomes of Sicilian Baroque architecture, thanks to the creative flair of great architects and visionary designers of the golden age of the Baroque who worked for the reconstruction, in a site further downstream, following the catastrophic earthquake of 9-11 January 1693. Palazzolo Acreide, Modica and Ragusa stand out among the neighboring cities which assume rivaling importance. For American newspapers, sustainable tourism is the motivation behind this choice, which blends with the culinary tradition and majesty of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. The new year confirms, once again, that the American people love Sicily madly.

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