Novecento - Sicilian artists. From Pirandello to Guccione

2020 May 28

The exhibition "Novecento - Artisti di Sicilia" reopens. From Pirandello to Guccione ”, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, hosted at the Convitto delle Arti - Noto Museum in Noto.

A majestic tribute to Sicily, to Sicilians and to sicilitude, which fits perfectly into the five-year cycle, which led Noto to become the stage for major art exhibitions. Sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage of the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Noto, it is produced by Florinda Vicari and Gianni Filippini for the Media and Sicily Museums.

Home Sud Home Real Estate, which has always promoted the cultural initiatives that promote and enhance Sicily and in particular the whole Val di Noto, once again plays the role of partner for the promotional activity of the exhibition of international size.

"From Saturday 30 May the exhibition" Novecento - From Pirandello to Guccione - Artists of Sicily "will reopen to the public, hosted at the Convitto delle Arti - Noto Museum in Noto and curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

The exhibition will be open on weekends and public holidays in May and June (from 10:00 to 20:00, last ticket at 19:00) and from July every day (from 10:00 to 24: 00, last ticket at 11.00 pm). The exhibition itinerary includes compliance with government guidelines on COVID-19 anti-infection rules and the staff will ensure that all new provisions are respected.

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, the Sicilian Region and the Municipality of Noto, the exhibition is produced by Mediatica and organized by Sicilia Musei. When, in 2003, Vittorio Sgarbi scanned the Italian pictorial and sculptural heritage with a careful and curious eye in the search for a national artistic identity, he also included Sicily, of which, as is his taste, he sought and investigated hidden personalities and while surprising. He then offered a new and fascinating panorama. But more he gathered, reaching the last generations, in 2014, with the first edition of "Artisti di Sicilia", which he crossed with a large baggage of works, a good part of the island from Favignana, to Palermo and Catania. An experience that gathered 60,000 visitors in just six months in the three locations. "Artisti di Sicilia" is proposed again in Noto, partly varying the landscape with the elimination and addition of names and with different works by the same artists, to reiterate and underline once again the breadth, variety and strength of the island's artistic genius . Sgarbi has widened to the maximum, both numerically and in the generations, and in the diversity of the "exercises of style", the panorama, offering the large audience of visitors a rare opportunity, to see together collected significant evidence now historicized by both the most famous masters and secluded but not ignorable personalities, both of the younger artists, often forced to a diaspora or isolation, which did not allow a prompt knowledge of it. Objective: an almost unitary, overall reading of Sicilian art, in whose eclecticism predominates, for the most part, a common thread, that of realism, of figuration, which, with the exception of some parentheses of innovative experimentalism, finds no obstacles in its path .

A realism, however, which by attaching itself to these stimuli of innovation and personal imaginative fantasies, reaches ever new interpretations, marked by the seal of the individual personalities. Figure, Portraiture, Interiors, Landscape, Still life are the main areas of reference for this realism, on which many have ventured and still engage themselves: the knot of a network, in which the creative testimonies of the most important artistic personalities of the 'island. From the return to order, between the end of the 1920s and the whole decade of the 1930s and the appearance of the first tragic 1940s, the end of the relationship with the Avant-garde had sealed for the majority of the artists, which in its last offshoots had also taken the paths of interiority. The return to intimate poetry seems almost obligatory then and the familiar lexicon scenes appear interchangeable components of a pacified art, which seeks a balance between international modernism and tradition. And the young artists of the island, "indisputable researchers of pictorial values" (Pippo Rizzo, Young Sicilian Painters and Sculptors. Exhibition Catalog, Rome, 1929), end up exhibiting in Milan and Rome, exporting novelties of ideas and signs. "Guttuso appeared to us as a mythical, surprising contact with an unknown and evocative territory ...", writes Raffaele De Grada in 1932 and Leonardo Sinisgalli in 1934 (4 Sicilians per Million, in "Literary Italy", June 9, 1934 ) confesses with amazement about the Group of Four: "Maybe they have the devil in their body", while Raffaello Giolli (Six Sicilian painters in Milan, in "Il Giornale d'Italia", June 24, 1932) asks:

"Why should theirs be only Sicilian painting?" Then, from the post-war period to the present, it was all a succession of experimentalisms and figural returns, of oscillations of taste, which in the sixties and seventies inclined towards a pungent criticism against the society of false well-being and in subsequent years they allowed formal solutions often surprising. Today it seems that the artist sways in a rough sea, without safe directions, without meditative poetics, without goals. Even in what is considered fashionable art, Street Art, his person defiles himself, often without leaving a trace, while giving everyone his unmistakable text messages. An ephemeral art, however, as today's reality is often ephemeral, in which rapid and immediate communication, most of the time confused, leaves no lasting and salvific signs. The exhibition "Novecento - Artisti di Sicilia. From Pirandello to Guccione ", curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, is a tribute to Sicily, to Sicilians and to security and fits perfectly into the five-year cycle, which has seen Noto become the stage for major art exhibitions.

- OPENING TIME May, June: weekends and holidays 10.00 - 20.00 (last ticket at 19.00) July, August and September: every day 10.00 - 24.00 (last ticket at 11.00 pm) October: every day 10.00 - 20.00 (last ticket at 19.00).


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